Surface Cleaning


This is the most common item that we pressure wash. You’d be surprised how much the color of your driveway has faded. Let us bring it back to looking like new! We use a commercial surface cleaner to lift and dispel dirt, grime, and micro-organisms. Subsequently, we post-treat your driveway with a diluted bleach to keep your driveway clean much longer.


Spanning the length of your property, or leading up to your house, your walkways are an important part of your home’s appearance. Also, cleaning them actually improves the safety of your property. When mold, algae, and mildew form a thick coat over your walkways, they become slippery when wet. Mitigate this liability by calling us to clean your walkways.


During the seasons of fall and spring, sitting out on the patio and grilling a meal while enjoying the mild weather can be an amazing experience. Call us to have your patio refreshed today!

Curb Cleaning

In neighborhoods, curbs outline every roadway and entrance, which makes them a prominent feature. Surprisingly, curb and drain cleaning is often overlooked by residents and communities, but the difference it makes is stunning. Many of our clients will tell you that when the curbs are cleaned properly along with other features of a neighborhood such as sidewalks and walls, it can really help create a clean and enjoyable environment that is continuous throughout the community. The way we go about cleaning these curbs and drains is a thorough pressure washing followed by a mold post-treatment to ensure an even clean.