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Summer is rapidly approaching, and it’s essential to get ready for the season. As a pressure washing company serving Seminole County, we highly encourage you to contemplate pressure washing services as part of your property preparations. Even a small investment for the summer can yield significant advantages. Besides enlisting the services of a pressure washing company, here are a few other considerations to bear in mind:

Supply Container + Pressure Washing Seminole County

As providers of pressure washing services in Seminole County, we tend to be fully booked during the summer, and for excellent reasons. When the summer season arrives, the last thing you want is to be scrambling for miscellaneous items like lightbulbs or other essentials. Your time is better spent enjoying dinners with friends, attending kids’ practices, or simply relishing the fantastic weather.

One invaluable asset to have readily available is a well-stocked supply box. Set aside a day to visit a hardware store or a large department store and accumulate spare items that are likely to come in handy in the near future. Purchasing these essential items in bulk can also lead to cost savings. And don’t underestimate the importance of scheduling a pressure washing service in Chuluota to have your property thoroughly cleaned in advance.

Water Check

Winter weather can take a toll on your hoses and faucets, particularly in freezing temperatures. It’s a wise precaution to clear them out and examine them for potential leaks caused by these harsh conditions. This process also helps in expelling any residual water. While performing this task, be sure to check for any debris that might require a more thorough system cleaning. If you discover that the dirt is not easily visible, it’s a prudent decision to contact a professional pressure washing company for a comprehensive assessment.

360 Home Check 

Incorporating these practices is invaluable for preventing unforeseen repair or maintenance issues. Begin by inspecting your windows and doors for possible leaks, signs of deteriorating caulking, paint problems, torn screens, or cracks. During the summer, the impact of high energy bills on your budget can be significant.

Next, embark on a comprehensive examination of your property’s foundation to ensure the absence of cracks. Apply the same level of scrutiny to your driveway, sidewalks, and walkways, paying careful attention to potential issues such as dirt buildup, erosion, chipping, or cracks. For a thorough assessment, it’s advisable to enlist the services of a professional pressure washing company serving Seminole County.

Roof Inspection

Neglecting roof maintenance can quickly lead to problems. However, with regular care, your roof can last for up to 25 years. The key lies in choosing the right pressure washing services, specifically soft washing services, as the method plays a crucial role. Overlooking proper cleaning can often result in concealed damage that may only surface when it’s too late.

By following the earlier mentioned preparations, you can ensure that your summer unfolds as planned. At each stage, don’t hesitate to seek the assistance of pressure washing experts in Chuluota to streamline the process. When you are ready, reach out for the finest pressure washing services in Seminole County. A simple Google search for “pressure washing Seminole County” or scheduling an estimate directly through our website will connect you with our professional and prompt service, ensuring your property is in excellent condition for the summer


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Jobs Complete


Rich and The Pressure Guys do excellent work! Their attention to detail sets them apart. We brought them in for a modest residential job to clean our driveway and sidewalk. Ours was a fairly pedestrian project, but they took great care in getting it done well. That type of work ethic is seemingly going away in our culture, so it was certainly refreshing to see. Whether commercial or residential work, big or small jobs, I highly recommend Rich and his team for your pressure washing needs.

John R Evans
Orlando, FL


These guys did a great job!!! I was shocked at how clean they got our driveway. Extremely professional company with customer service at their core. Would highly (and have been) recommending them to everyone I know.

Trey Gravenstein


Best pressure washing crew in the area. Hit these guys up for a quote to come out and clean my house, paver driveway, and sidewalks. Their communication throughout the entire process was stellar, but the job they did was even better. How good, you ask? A week after they completed their work, I had a family member stop by and ask me if I re-painted my house. Yeah, they’re that good.
Michael Schuster


Trent did amazing job on our house, driveway, sidewalk and fence. There’s not an inch of our house they didn’t miss. I highly recommend them. They are very professional, reliable, friendly and courteous. I will always use them for my pressure washing needs. We are definitely the shining star (house) in the neighborhood thanks to this five star company! Trent, you’re the man!

Robert Fremin


Pressure Guy cleaned my entire 4200sf, two story colonial home, including asphalt roof, brick siding, columns, gutters, concrete pool deck, PVC fencing and entire driveway in one day! Made it all look NEW! WOW! Incredible job that has me rethinking the idea of moving!

Richard Ellis


The Pressure Guys are awesome! Their service is personalized to your specific needs and all of the employees and owners are so customer service focused! Our paver driveway looks awesome! They are so careful with all of your plants and patio furniture as well. I cannot recommend these gentlemen enough. If you want fast response to your needs, high-quality work and excellence in customer service call the Pressure Guys!

Jeannene Meisman


Outstanding work from a highly professional crew!! As property manager for a number of residential rental properties, I need suppliers that provide reliably excellent work at a reasonable price point – and that is exactly what is provided time and time again from The Pressure Guys. I can’t speak highly enough about their timely responses & service and the results obtained from their top-of-the-line equipment.

Thanks again, The Pressure Guys!!

Sam Rudkin

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